Here’s a few reasons why we’ve remained a proven industry leader.

With our state of the art machinery we are able to produce the very finest quality of work, from the exacting standards of the medical industry to the equally demanding standards of the FDA while still offering you advantageous prices.

From the conception phase to the final delivery of your product, our qualified staff implements a strict quality control throughout the whole process. Proud of our track record and having served the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as a sub-contractor in designing parts for one of  their rockets, we believe that if we helped land a man on the moon we might just help you land among for the stars.

Our in-house team with decades of expertise in product design is at your disposition to develop the right solution that will enable you to implement your ideas.

From the beginning of any project we’ll sit with you and discuss all the details of your project evaluating the proper time frame required for the on time delivery of the final product.

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